About WHEREweLIVEmidsouth

LIVEGIVEmidsouth.org is a community information system that comprises WHEREweLIVEmidsouth.org and WHEREtoGIVEmidsouth.org, a pair of websites that help citizens understand Memphis better and invest in nonprofits that are improving their community.
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These websites were developed by the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, with the support and collaboration of many other philanthropic organizations, corporation, and nonprofit partners.

Each website can be used on its own, and each contains a wealth of interesting and useful information. However, when they are used together, people can unlock the potential of their neighborhoods and local nonprofit organizations in a much more powerful way. 

WHEREweLIVEmidsouth is an online dashboard that allows people to look at Memphis in different ways – from a very regional, macro level, all the way down to the block where they live. The dashboard uses data from a variety of public sources to show objective, current information on many different livability and health factors, such as: How walkable is the area? How many parks and trails are nearby? Are there health clinics in the immediate vicinity? Visit WHEREweLIVEmidsouth.org to explore this community.

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