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WHEREtoGIVEmidsouth is a directory of nonprofit organizations in the greater Memphis area. Discover organizations that are working on issues important to you. You can not only find information about their mission, staff and board, major programs, and finances, but also donate to support their work.

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Collierville Citizens Police Association

The CCPA is a very small, focused non-profit. We exist solely to support the Collierville Police Department Community Engagement and Training. Our first effort for a grant was through the Collierville Community Fund which required that we generate a WHEREtoGIVEmidsouth.org profile. Completing the profile was not difficult, and it assisted us in a successful grant request. Since we do not have an office, paid staff, website, or online donation capabilities, our public face is almost entirely the profile. This is a valuable resource for us, and we appreciate the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis engaging the community with a wide range of non-profit organizations.“  – Lee Race, CCPA Board Member

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Thomas W. Briggs Foundation

The Thomas W. Briggs Foundation supports Memphis arts, civic, education, social service, and youth organizations whose initiatives and programs have broad and transformative impact, elevate educational achievement and socioeconomic advancement, promote pride in Memphis, and help all feel welcome and included. 

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