Nonprofit Profile Policies

Gaining access to a new WHEREtoGIVEmidsouth Nonprofit Profile Form –  

Organizations must create an account on and include their IRS Employee Identification Number (EIN). LIVEGIVEmidsouth staff must verify each organization’s 501(c)3 status through GuideStar’s DonorEdge platform, or Charity Check tool, using the organization’s IRS Employee Identification Number.

Required Fields for Publication – There are 67 required fields that need to be completed prior to submitting the profile for review. Organizations can review the number of required fields remaining to complete once the nonprofit profile form has an assigned Profile Manager. Organizations must provide*:

  • a copy of the IRS 501c3 determination letter;
  • complete all information forat least one program, to include the program’s description, program budget amount, target audience, long-term and short-term successes;
  • provide at least two different names ofBoard of Directors, and
  • the most recent three years of financial documents. Organizations operating less than three years must provide the most recent financial documents available.

*Organizations that indicate they have management plans, as detailed on the Management tab, must upload the corresponding document into the nonprofit profile form.

Donate Now button – The Donate Now button is an online fundraising tool and allows LIVEGIVEmidsouth and the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis to collect donations on behalf of publicly-viewable WHEREtoGIVEmidsouth profiled organizations.

An organization is allowed use of the Donate Now button only after a copy of the state issued charitable solicitations letter is uploaded into the profile form on the Documents tab under State Documentation. The charitable solicitations letter allows a 501(c)3 to legally solicit financial support. Without this authorization letter on file with LIVEGIVEmidsouth, the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis cannot legally collect donations on behalf of any nonprofit organization. Once the letter is submitted to LIVEGIVEmidsouth staff, and all other required updates have been made, the Donate Now button will be present on the public profile.

Organizations may opt-out of the Donate Now button at any time. Just because a profile does not have a Donate Now button present does not mean the organization has not been granted the letter by the state. This simply means the organization has not submitted its state-issued charitable solicitations letter to LIVEGIVEmidsouth.

Approval of Profile and Updates Schedule – LIVEGIVEmidsouth’s policy is to review and publish profile changes in the order they are submitted. Changes are generally published within three business days of submission. Publishing times may vary depending on the volume of profiles to be reviewed.

Reviewed Status – The Reviewed icon indicates a nonprofit's profile has completed the required fields for publication and been reviewed by LIVEGIVEmidsouth staff within the last 12 months. This review is to make sure all provided information is valid, up-to-date, and approved to be published on 

Required Updates for Renewal of Reviewed Status – Organizations with nonprofit profiles are required to update information in 3 areas on an annual basis to remain current and in Reviewed status: (1) most recent 990; (2) most recent audited financials (or a profit and loss statement with balance sheet for organizations with operating budgets under $500,000, where no audit is present); (3) current board chair.

Declined to Update Status - The Declined to Update icon indicates an organization has not uploaded the most recent 990 and audited financial documents, nor addressed other out-of-date information within the last 12 months. Organizations that have made updates to the profile, but not the required updates for approval  will remain listed as Declined to Update.


Removal of nonprofit profile from the WHEREtoGIVEmidsouth database – Organizations will remain published on the website and/or in the Nonprofit Database until one or more of the following occur:

  • Organizations that have not completed the required updates to their WHEREtoGIVEmidsouth nonprofit profile for 3 consecutive years
  • Dissolution of nonprofit
  • Revocation of 501c3 status - A revoked organization is not eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions as detailed in Publication 78.

Financials – The Financials tab of the profile form requires the three most recent years of financial documents be uploaded. For most nonprofits, these are the Form 990 and yearly, audited financials. Organizations less than three years old must upload financial documents for all years following the first year after receiving 501(c)3 approval. Nonprofits with operating budgets less than $500,000 are required to upload a profit and loss statement and balance sheet in lieu of the audited financials, but the organization must discuss that with their Profile Coach before submitting their profile for review.


  • Form 990 / 990-N / 990 E-Postcard: A 990 is the reporting form that many federally tax-exempt organizations must file with the IRS each year. This form allows the IRS and the public to evaluate a nonprofit's operations; it includes information on the nonprofit's mission and programs, as well as depth of their finances. It is self-filed and self-reported.
  • Audited Financials - An independent audit is an examination of the financial records, accounts, business transactions, accounting practices, and internal controls of a charitable nonprofit by an independent, third-party auditor, meaning someone outside the organization. It is meant to show the organization’s financial reality at a point and time. Organizations with operating budgets less than $500,000 are allowed to upload profit and loss statements and balance sheets as financial documentation where not audited financials are available.

Start Date vs. Year of Incorporation vs. IRS 501(c)3Determination date – An organization’s program activities may precede an organization’s year of incorporation. The Start Date is the date the organization started performing activities. The Year of Incorporation is the year the nonprofit established its articles of incorporation with the state governing agency. The IRS 501(c)3 Determination date is the date the IRS determined the nonprofit as a public charity.