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WHEREtoGIVEmidsouth is a directory of nonprofit organizations in the greater Memphis area. Discover organizations that are working on issues important to you. You can not only find information about their mission, staff and board, major programs, and finances, but also donate to support their work.

One Step


One Step Initiative

WHEREtoGIVE is allowing small organizations like One Step Initiative an avenue to make big change in the lives of our Memphis youth. Oftentimes low-income students grow up never knowing what life is like outside their communities. Through the Global Ambassadors Program, students have an opportunity to identify with a foreign culture and to mature into better leaders for our city.”  - Brian Booker, Founder & CEO

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Women's Foundation for a Greater Memphis

Established in 1995, WFGM is one of the fastest growing women’s foundations in the country that is dedicated to securing and granting funds to programs that enable women and their families to become economically stable. We are considered to be on the leading edge of economic and community development focused on moving families living at or below the poverty level above the lines toward economic security. Building on what we have learned over the past 20 years, we collaborate with stakeholders from across the city to coordinate strategies to reduce poverty in Memphis. Our vision is for Memphis to become a city of choice, where poverty decreases as educational attainment, wages, business partnerships and inclusion increase. 

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